Monday, November 15, 2010

25 Weeks

Okay, so where is the time going? I can't believe in just 12 weeks I will be considered "full term". Things just seem to be moving so fast and I can't wait for what the future holds but am also terrified to have 2 kiddo's 10 months apart :) I can't believe in just a few months we will have a tiny newborn little baby in our house! Crazy I tell ya :)

How far along: 25 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Up 7 lbs
Stretch marks: no
Maternity clothes: yes, even outgrowing some of the smaller maternity, but still not quite in the bigger maternity.
Sleep: Still very tired. Getting comfortable is harder. I have a bed full of pillows and poor Peter has to sleep on the edge of the bed.
Food cravings/aversions: Coca-Cola, Lucky Charms, Green Beans. The fruit cravings have died down some and I am getting my sweet tooth back.
Gender: Didn't find out, but now I am all confused and have no guess either way.
Movement: Definitely feeling a lot of movement. The baby kicks my hand or any other object I try to put on my tummy. I drank a big glass of cranberry juice awhile ago and that made the baby go nuts! We definitely have a very active baby.
Best moment: Peter getting to feel the baby move for the first time a couple weeks ago. Also getting to see the baby on the ultrasound. All the movement has been a lot of fun too!
What I miss: Feeling "normal". The belly is starting to get in the way during normal household tasks. I have a lot more back pain. I have to cushion the belly to sleep comfortably at night. Doing normal things around the house and losing my breath and I just want to feel "normal" again!
I am looking forward to: The Third Trimester! I just have to keep plugging forward no matter how hard it might get - so lets get it over with :)
Weekly Wisdom: From my doctor when I mentioned my back pain "It's going to get a lot worse" Fun times :)
Milestones: Reaching viability at 24 weeks! At this point the baby has a decent chance of survival if I delivered today. (Although we want baby to stay nice and cozy in there for at least 12 more weeks!)