Sunday, November 7, 2010

Costumes and Crawling and teeth oh my!

Here is Malachi's picture of his first Halloween. As you can see he was VERY unimpressed with his costume.

Malachi is really at a fun age right now. He is learning and discovering new things every single day. He is incredible and has so much personality. From his cheesy grin to his fake laugh that daddy taught him he is constant fun and joy!

He is also Mr. Busy. He has been scooting forward for quite awhile now but just yesterday he started to really get the hang of moving forward so we have a full on crawler in our house! Fortunately, with how active he has been lately all the babyproofing is done and hopefully we are ready for these milestones. The boy is growing so fast!!!

In the not so fun for Mal news, he has been a little more cranky and whiny than what is the normal Malachi and a few days ago his gums started getting really swollen. The crazy thing is we just went to the doctor a week ago and the doctor felt his gums and thought we would still be a month or more off from a tooth (although she did say she has been proven wrong before) but there were just no signs of a tooth anywhere. All of a sudden out of nowhere there are teeth! Last night was really rough as our normal 12-13 hour night sleeper was up in the middle of the night and was up really early this morning. This morning we found the culprit - the poor little guy's first tooth had popped through. The second one is very close behind and I wouldn't be surprised if it is through the gums by tomorrow morning.

So Malachi is keeping us very busy! He is Mr. Busy and Mr. Personality and we realize just how boring life really was before he was here!!!


David and Larisa said...

He is SO beautiful! I keep forgetting to check this blog - I really need to add your family blog to my blogroll instead of your adoption blog...

MamaMimi said...

Well...HE may be unimpressed, but I sure am! SOO cute!