Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tis the Season

What a difference a year makes! Last year at this time of year we had just been put on the wait list and were eagerly anticipating the child who would enter our family. This year is already so full of joyfulness with Malachi in our family! We feel blessed on a daily basis to get to be dad and mom to this precious kiddo!

After we got our tree set up we couldn't wait to do a little photo shoot with Malachi. Malachi is hilarious though, as he LOVES the camera! We got over 100 shots of him and all of them look good in their own way, but we had to dwindle them down as no one (besides us) wants to scroll through over a hundred pictures. So here are a few of our favorites! It is truly going to be a wonderful Christmas time with him!!!

To explain the next one: I would guess about half of the pictures we have are of him hamming up the camera as shown by this picture below. He truly goes into character/silly mode as soon as the camera comes out!

He is such a handsome boy! As we enter this time of Christmas, I remember how empty I felt a year ago wondering about my little one. My heart is full this year, but at the same time it aches for his birth family. Adoption makes good out of something bad, but it will always be a burden for everyone involved. My heart hurts so badly for the mother who will always wonder where her little boy is and what he is doing. I pray constantly that God would give her peace that he is okay and very much loved. I just wish somehow she could get a glimpse of what he looks like today. I just wish that somehow we could make contact with her, but there is no trail whatsoever so I will always be wondering about her as I am sure she wonders about her son. This world is so full of joy and sorrow all intertwined together.

I am so happy as we enter this month of fun and celebration!


Jenny said...

SUCH a ham! and SO SO handsome!

Lauren said...

Oh.my.gracious. He is SO cute!! My hubby and I should be matched with our child sometime in January/February, and it is so fun for me to look at your pictures of Malachi and imagine what our little one will look like. Thanks for sharing!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

He is handsome!!!! And growing!!