Monday, May 2, 2016

The Importance of Date Night

Date night has always been a highly coveted time for us as I assume it is for most every other couple out there.  Thursday night date night was something we implemented early on in our relationship and continued into the first few years of marriage. Even all my coworkers knew that if it was Thursday, we were going to be going somewhere fun for the evening. 

This continued the first few years we had kids too, it just changed and was often a date with a car seat or little one in a high chair.  But as the family continued to grow, the date nights took a backseat just because it is hard to get out every week when we have a house full of kids and a weekly date night unfortunately became impossible.  Not to mention, a night out is expensive when you are trying to live on a budget!  

Enter Date Box!  I wanted to wait to write a review until we'd tried a few and we'd been able to test out the quality. I love trying subscription boxes and this one being a date theme sounded like a blast! 

Our first box came in February.  The theme was relaxation and it came with relaxation tea, some chocolate, a cute playlist, and an online massage technique course. We added some chocolate covered strawberries and a few of our favorite essential oils for massage and had a wonderfully relaxing evening together.  The dates also come with cute little booklets that have a story or advice and then some questions to answer as a couple to open up conversation around the "theme" for the evening. 

In March, we had a cute little painting evening.  Neither of us are very artistic so it was a bit out of our comfort zone (as all of them have pushed us a little out of our comfort zone, which is a good thing).  We had another fun and different playlist to listen to, paints, canvases, and the ingredients to make yummy cake pops together.  This one was just fun to spend a little time baking, listening to music and trying our hand at painting which my husband was surprisingly quite knowledgeable about and was able to take the lead in teaching me a thing or two. Our paintings looked a bit like a child did them but it was still a lot of fun!  

And most recently, our April box was an indoor campout.  It started with making candles that smelled like an actual campfire, think a bit of smoke and pine trees (not sure how they pulled that off).  We made some yummy tortilla soup and smores.  There were cards with card games but we will save those for another evening.  Peter had fun making us a fort to snuggle in while we enjoyed a redbox movie on them!   

I think my favorite thing so far is that it gets us out of our normal dinner or movie date night.  Yes, some of these things feel a bit silly but my husband has been a great sport and we've just rolled with whatever the date has planned and we've actually had a blast and felt genuine connection on each of these dates.  It's great that it is something we can do at home after the kids are in bed and as far as the cost, we would spend about as much on a typical date anyway. I would say so far these at home dates have been at least, but even more fun than a typical date night out. We'd still never turn down childcare to go out for an evening, but this is a great way to spend an evening at home and we can't wait to see what next months box has in store! And if you'd like to order one of your own check it out at


S said...

This is so cute! My husband never wants to do anything on our once-or-twice-a-month date nights but go to dinner and occasionally see a movie.