Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Life This Spring!

When the phone has too many pictures, it's nice to clear it off and highlight how the last few months of life have gone!  So here is "life these days" courtesy of my phone! 

To say life is busy would be a huge understatement as we're often being pulled in different directions each day.  In addition to Malachi working his way through swim lessons these last 4 months, Eli started up too and is now a preschool level 2. 

The kids have become baby obsessed. It's pretty cute but they like to harass us about it and try to tell us how much they would help out if we had a baby - ha! 

Malachi got a REALLY short haircut!

And well, she's just cute! 

So is she!  I straightened her curly hair to see how it looks. 

LB is obsessed with the vacuum, but it works to my advantage! 

She's baby obsessed too! 

We've spent a lot of time at Taekwondo

Peter has himself quite the summer project! 

B.A.B.Y Obsessed!

And well, isn't this too sweet!  

The kids all had dentist appointments

Malachi had some very expensive and very invasive dental work done in the fall. To hear all looked great with no new signs of problem was almost enough to make me cry! 

All in the cavity free club!

Sometimes mommy forgets you're in the high chair. Whoops! 

The kids have spent a lot of mornings lining up at the door for taekwondo (and check out how LB can throw a punch!)

Malachi graduated up to the bigger kid classes at swim. Level 3! 

The boys also became blue belts! 

There has been no shortage of yard work on the compound!

Or caterpillar eating (just kidding) 

Work has begun on the playground plot! 

and more of this nonsense ;) 

The boys wrestling has reached a whole new level of CONSTANT!

Sweet and happy!

Bedtime is still chaotic sometimes and you never know where the kids will end up! This night a few of them stole our bed and ransacked our room, but oh look at those sweet smiles!

The garden has been planted and the kids love it, especially the worm lover of the house. She even names them - this one was Joy! 

I sure do love spring at our house!  I love being outside with the kids before the weather gets too hot! Eli has been practicing his basketball skills!

Again, you never know where you will find them sleeping! 

Bina took a big scary fall, fat lip, horribly bruised and skinned knees, and a tooth that we had some worry about but seems fine now! Whew! 

Ah, spring!

Took these two in for check ups together, and probably won't be doing that again next year! 

Waiting for Grandma to come! 

Malachi broke 4 ft tall this year!  He's still growing strong in the 91%!

Sabrina is a bit shorter, but tall enough to do more rides the next Disneyland trip! 

We celebrated my mom's birthday, among all the other April birthday's with pizza at our house with the fam! 

I'm so glad we just bought them a triple bunkbed so Mal sleeps in Sabrina's room, and these two can sleep on the floor and under the dresser. 

The kids started learning some new techniques in taekwondo

After six weeks of trying to convince him it wouldn't hurt, he finally got his first tooth out! 

And Sabrina cried and cried for 10 minutes because she was sad and scared about his missing tooth. 

Then not even ten minutes later, he pulled the second one! 

My sweet baby girls! 

She loves that she can be out and about with the other kids this year! 

This picture just warms my heart!  I adore my little family and the life I live. I am so very lucky! 

Stepping in Daddy's big shoes! 

Life is busy but life is oh so good!  I am blessed!  We are wrapping up a lot of activities this month and are looking forward to the slower pace that summer brings!