Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Eli's Final Preschool Year!

Today we wrapped up another kiddo's school year!  It always feels like an accomplishment to hit the end of the year, and see how far they've come! Eli is the kiddo in the house who could literally care less about school. He has things he would much rather do with his time. So with this just being preschool I let him take it a bit easy.  Before the school year started he didn't even know how to hold a pencil, but now he knows how to use it and write his letters and his words.  As much as I had tried before this year, he just hadn't quite figured out his letters, but this school year, he's learned his letters, sounds, and can read long and short vowel words. I say this just to acknowledge that even though he doesn't like school and I don't push him too hard with it, he has made some amazing progress this year!  I am super proud of him!  Now he's just relieved and happy to have a few months off before we get going again!  Next stop, Kindergarten!

Nickname: E and Eli
How old are you? 5
What is your favorite color? Green and Blue
What  is your favorite animal?  Kitties
What is your favorite book?  The Star Wars Look and Find
What is your favorite TV show?  Bob the Builder
What is your favorite movie? Home
What is your favorite food?  Fruit and my favorite dinner is chicken nuggets, for lunch I like sandwiches, but I like hot dogs too.  (clearly this kid likes food)
What is your favorite drink? Water
What is your favorite breakfast? Cereal
What is your favorite snack? Cookie Bars (granola bars)
What is your favorite outfit? My new storm trooper costume
What is your favorite game? Minecraft
What is your favorite toy? Simba (his lion he sleeps with)
Who is your best friend? Johnny, and Malachi if he stops tickling me
What is your favorite thing to do? Play video games
What is your favorite thing to do outside? Play with Uncle Edik
What is your favorite holiday? Christmas
What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Again, Simba
Where is your favorite place to go? Shopping
What is your favorite restaurant? McDonald's
Where would you like to go on vacation? Disneyland
What do you want to be when you grow up? Police Officer