Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Post #6 of 30 of my Children

Today is the day 9 long years ago that your daddy asked me to be his girlfriend.  For that reason, I thought today would be a perfect date to share this post:

Describe when you knew your spouse was the one or how we fell in love:

Well kids (now this is starting to feel like an episode of  How I Met Your Mother!) it all started back in our senior year of high school. I wouldn't consider ourselves High School Sweethearts because our relationship did not begin until after we graduated. In fact, it literally started on the side of the road on a broken down bus on our way home from our Grad Night!  I was the ripe old age of 18 and daddy was still 17.  I would not say that either of us was really looking to be in a relationship as the whole world and all of its possibilities were in front of us.  But we had built a friendship and both of us felt like there could be something really special worth taking a risk on. So, our story really began on June 5th 2004! 

Look at us in all our youth!  And Peter's hair!!! 

When we had our "define the relationship" talk, we both wanted to take things really slow.  We knew we were young and Peter was preparing to take off for college and it was a horrible time to start a serious relationship.   But we did just the opposite of that.  Things became really serious, really fast.  We knew right away that our feelings for each other were the real deal!  Now for a bit of the mussy stuff that you probably don't want to hear - We both agreed that we did not want to kiss until we knew we were in love.   For me, being in love was a huge step.  I do not easily express words of love and I had never told a boy that I loved him before.  So, for me being in love and saying those words was a huge deal for me. I only wanted to ever "be in love" with my husband!  

Feelings of love developed very quickly in our relationship.  Now, looking at 17 years old I would be so skeptical of anyone saying they were in love at that age and yet I lived it!  And 20 years old is MUCH too young to get married (which I did too!)  

I remember Peter telling me he was in love with me within 2 weeks of being together.  He just knew that I was the one he wanted to spend his life with.  It didn't take much longer for me to feel the same way but I had a hard time admitting it.  Funny thing is your daddy knew I was in love before I told him.  He could just tell something had changed.  I remember him saying "You love me now!" so matter of factly and it was true. I uttered those special words within a month of my "lets not take things too serious" relationship, and yes it was to the man that I would marry!   

We spent that summer together as much as we could be.  Your daddy would drop me off at home after a date and not 5 minutes later he would be on the phone with me where we would talk on the phone until we would fall asleep with the phone in our hands.  We talked about everything we could think of.  We talked about getting married and how we would survive when Peter had to pack up and leave for college.  

Right before Peter went to college
Before long it was time for Peter to go to school and saying goodbye to him was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.  Our love was put to the test.  We talked on the phone 6 or more hours everyday.  Every spare moment, we were talking!  It was pathetic! But that physical absence from one another is where our relationship really grew as we got to know each other so well.  After 3 months away, Peter made the huge decision to transfer home to finish school so he could be with me.  That was when we really knew that things were serious!  

Soon before we got engaged!

7 short months after we started dating in this "not so serious" relationship. Your daddy asked me to be his wife!  We were 18 years old and madly in love.  Our love developed so fast and it was real!  Now, I will say that it has continued to develop through the years.  In so many ways, that fierce love we had for each other was nothing compared to the deep connection and love we share today.  Even though our love was real, it was young and immature. In another 10 years I am sure I will look back and feel the same way about where our love is in this moment.  Love continues to grow and develop over a lifetime and that is something really cool!  It just gets better and better!  

 Love and marriage are a beautiful thing when they are inside of God's will!  Puruse God first. You don't need to be in a hurry to find love. Figure out who you are and what you want out of life.  Love may just find you when you are least expecting it. I also think this is an important time to mention to persevere in your pursuit of purity!  Your daddy and I kissed (a lot) before we were married, but we held off and waited and saved something really special for when we were husband and wife. It was worth it!  When you are in love (or even lust) this is not easy, but if the person you are in love with is worth keeping, they will wait for you!  You don't need to follow a set timeline for your life. Just because your daddy and I married at 20, doesn't mean you have to.  There are so many life paths out there for you and love and marriage doesn't have to be at the top of that list. We will always love you be there for you no matter where your life leads you.   So, I promise little ones of ours - that if you come to us at a young age of 17 or maybe not until you're 35 Sabrina, and tell us you are in love and you've met your soulmate - we get it!  We've lived it!  And we hope it will be as sweet for you as it has been for us!  


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