Sunday, May 26, 2013

My First Stitch Fix!

On Friday, I couldn't wait to get the mail because my very first Stitch Fix would be arriving!  

So what exactly is Stitch Fix?  Stitch Fix is a personal stylist clothing site.  Over the last few years my wardrobe has really dwindled down and I have very little clothing that I enjoy wearing.  I also have no style! This is where Stitch Fix steps in.  #1, they help me branch out a bit and try new things that I wouldn't necessarily pick off a rack.  They also use the styling profile to help me figure out what will and won't look good with my body type.  

New clothing for myself is not typically something that I put in to our budget and this clothing is more department store pricing when I tend to stick to a very tight budget when I do shop for myself.  This is a fun little splurge for me and not something I will probably be able to do all the time, but from time to time it is a lot of fun to try out!

When I joined Stitch Fix (there is a short waitlist, but they don't make you wait too long) I filled out an extensive style profile so they could get to know me just a little bit.  After I filled out the profile, I scheduled when I wanted my first Fix to arrive! I paid a $20 "Styling Fee" which also acts as a credit if I choose to keep anything they sent me.  At this point, their stylist took over.  She reviewed my profile and picked out 5 items that she thought I may like and shipped them to me. Once I received the box, I then had 3 days to try things on and decide what I did or did not want to keep.  They also send this handy postage paid bag for me to return what I did not like!  If however, you do decide to keep everything in the box you get a 25% discount!

So what did I get?

Mystree Norah Lace Panel Collared Tank:  Sent Back

This was the first piece I pulled out of the box and I was a little nervous about the remaining items after this. It is not my style at all!  Way too country!  The good news is that they ask for my feedback on each item they sent so hopefully we can avoid having anything like this put in the box next time :)

DownEast Hazel Sheer Flutter Sleeve Top:  Keeper!

This one I really liked!  It really fits the style I am going for!  It can be dressed up or casual and it fit perfectly!  Very happy with this piece and bonus it was the cheapest item in the box!

Another feature I really like is that every item includes a styling guide that shows ideas for how to wear each outfit!

LoveMarks Gillian Split Back Top: On the Fence

Now I am on the fence with this one and fortunately still have a day to debate it.  I really like the top and how it feels on.  I also like that it helps camouflage some of my "problem areas". However, with that being said, I am not sure it is very flattering.  My lovely husband said it made me look pregnant - so take that how you want to :)

Steven Floral Print Hi-Lo Dress: On the Fence

This one is more than likely going back.  I actually really do like it and think it overall looks nice on me. However it is the most expensive piece that came and I am not sure I wear dresses enough to justify the cost.  

Marjorie Baer Singular Spear Earrings: Sending Back

I'm not so sure about if I will want to get accessories in the future.  I wear very simple jewelry but I also want to branch out my style a bit. There was nothing particularly wrong with these earrings beyond that they are a bit higher priced than I would typically spend on earrings. So they are out of this one.

My first impression of Stitch Fix was very good. Overall, I feel like they picked out nice things for me and I know that based on my responses to things they will be able to tailor the next Fix even more towards where I want my style to be!

If you might be interested in trying out Stitch Fix yourself, I am eligible for referral credits and would appreciate any help in getting me my next Fix :)  Here is my referral link Amy's Referral Link HERE


Mama Mimi said...

I'm so glad to see you tried it!!! I agree that the first item doesn't seem "you"...but I think your stylist did a great job on the rest. Glad you are keeping the red top, I think you should splurge on the dress as well! =) Every girl needs a dress they feel fabulous in!