Monday, May 13, 2013

My Winnings

I could be known as a "couponer" and "deal getter".  I have a routine where I check daily deal sites to see if there are any online deal specials and I can be found stockpiling anything from groceries to buying the kids clothes 2 sizes too big when they are on clearance to get the best deal! 

As I have mentioned on the blog before, I also do a lot of surveys and make a little bit of extra spending money in this way. It is an easy way for me to kill a little bit of time and there is no surprise when Peter walks in the door in the evening and finds random white bottles or boxes with just a few random numbers etched across them. We like to call these "in home trials."  This is when I get paid a bit of an extra sum of money to pretty much be a test dummy. We've tested random things such as cereal, candy bars, crackers, shampoo, baby lotion, diapers - lots of fun things!  

For the most part, my husband puts up with it all, but he has been known to make fun of me for my daily sweepstakes entries.  Yes, I am the crazy person who will enter to win just about anything and there sure are some random things out there to win! Most of the time, it is a waste of my energy, but sometimes I do get lucky and win candy bars or boxes of cereal.  I even won toy package back around Christmas! 

I do have to brag on our most recent date night.  Through my sweepstakes entries I won 2 free movie tickets.  So we took off to see Iron Man 3.  When we got there our Regal Card earned a free small popcorn.  I also printed a $3 off a large drink coupon so my frugalness resulted in a movie date costing us $2!!!  Oh yes dear husband, my silliness does sometimes pay off :)

It is always fun to win, even if it is something small. But I know someday I'm going to win one of those Disney vacations or $10,000. Just wait and see ;)

So far, my biggest winning was a $100 HSN Gift Card

And I thought I would share my post bizarre winner too - a tape dispensing stiletto shoe :) 


Platinum Rose said...

I say why not? If you want to take the time to do all that, and you get some fun, funny, and sometimes great deals, that way, then go for it! :-) The shoe dispensor is really funny/random.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

I love finding deals!!!!!!
Always wish I had a little more time, but couponing, and buying things on clearance, and anything free is AMAZING!

AND.......when you are frugal- you have money for more babies ;) he he he he.....or at least that is my philosophy! :)