Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Post 5 of 30

In my series devoted to writing posts for my kids, I bring you Part 5:

What are the 5 things that make me most happy right now:

This one is a bit easy and obvious:

1) First and foremost I must be predictable and answer with God :)  God has blessed my life so much and even if he hadn't and things turned south tomorrow, I still have so much to thank him for and I never want to forget all he has done for us. There are so many exciting things happening in our lives and I just know that we could not have accomplished any of this on our own power. Living life in the center of God's will is the only place that true happiness is found.

2) My marriage and life with your daddy!  I am in a happy and solid marriage.  Having a partner who you enjoy being with and sharing life together is a very good and happy place to be.  Being married to your best friend is a wonderful feeling that leaves you with something to look forward to everyday. I get just as excited as you kids get to see Daddy walk in the door at night because I enjoy getting to spend even just a few hours with him everyday.

3) Malachi!  My silly little boy! You bring me happiness.  You are full of more life than I ever thought a person could possess!  You are spunky, hyper, loud and energetic. All things that I am not!  Our differences bring me a lot of joy.  I love how you live life to the fullest!

4) Elias!  You are so much like your father!  And that really is (mostly) a good thing :)  You have a very sweet and kind spirit.  You can melt me in to a million little pieces.  Your cuddles and insistence that "mommy do it" for everything makes me kind of happy! I know you will grow too fast and not need me or want me to do everything or be there for everything. So I am kind of soaking this up!

5)  Sabrina!  My little princess!  Nothing can describe the bond that already exists between mommy and daughter. You have the most beautiful light-up-a-room smile and that brings me so much happiness.  I love your personality and how genuinely happy you are!  I also love that you are a complete mommy's girl. Let's stay like that forever, okay?!

And just in case I was supposed to literally come up with 5 THINGS that bring me happiness. Here they are:

1)  My new house!  I seriously LOVE this new house.  It is big, which leaves us with a lot more room to continue to grow our family. That makes me happy! It has pretty much every feature in a house I could ever want.  Big, open rooms with lots of windows!  An amazing kitchen that has more than enough space for every gadget I own.  A huge master suite!  A big yard in a nice neighborhood!  I could go on and on, but I think I have done that already.  This is the home that finally really feels like "home"!  I never need to move again!

2) Disneyland.  I really enjoy Disneyland

3) Books and chocolate while soaking in my jacuzzi tub.

4) Babies! I really enjoy babies which is becoming a bit of a problem ;)

5) My bed! It is so comfy cozy and I enjoy sleep so much but never seem to get enough of it. So I really look forward to falling in to bed at night!