Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fix #2

About a month ago I posted about my very first Stitch Fix experience!  Even though I liked several of the items in that fix, only one of them fit the way I wanted it to.  The good news of that, is that I was able to give Stitch Fix another try this month because of that!

For those that may have missed my first post about Stitch Fix, here's a quick recap of how it works:

1) Sign up HERE for Stitch Fix!
2) Wait a little while on the waitlist
3) Fill out a very thorough styling profile to help your stylist choose the right things for you
4) Pay a $20 styling fee (that applies to any items you choose to keep in the fix) and schedule your fix
5) Wait, as your stylist prepares your fix
6) Stitch Fix arrives in the mail - enjoy!
7) Spend up to 3 days trying on and deciding between the 5 pieces you receive
8) Send back what you don't want in a prepaid shipping bag and pop it in the mail!  Keep and enjoy the pieces you liked! 

So, what did I get this time?  I chose not to receive any accessories in this fix which meant I got an extra top! 

1) Red Tulle Belle Double Strap Floral Print Tank

 I did like this piece and debated it back and forth for a couple days. In the end, the price was just a little too high for a maybe item.  Verdict: Returned

                                      2) Red 41Hawthorn Wren V-neck Cap Sleeve Jersey 

I really liked where this one was going. It was super comfy but it clung to all the wrong areas of my body and showed every last fat role that I am trying to hide. For sure, no go.  Verdict: Returned

                                          3) Green Just Black Carter Skinny Ankle-Length Jeans

This is one of those things that I had to keep an open mind about.  I didn't  mind the color and wasn't opposed to trying out a skinny jean just to see how it looked.  I have always heard that you need to pay the price to have good jeans and I don't deny that is true.  Hence, my open mind to try a pair of designer jeans. Unfortunately, these were not the pair.  They were just a tad bit too tight and I think would have been a lot more comfortable and flattering if they were a size bigger.  Oh well.  Verdict: Returned  

                                       4) Ellison Lulu Sheer Stripe Bejeweled Neck Top

I really liked the style of this but wasn't sure if the stripes would be flattering or not.  It actually worked really well for me and after a thumbs up from Peter the verdict is: Keeper!

                                      5) Black 41Hawthorn Isadora Cowl Sleeveless Jersey Top

This was another one that was super comfy on and quite dressy. Bonus on this one is that it did flatter and cover up the tummy problem spots.  Verdict: Keeper

All in all, I have to say that I have no complaints except price with Stitch Fix. I feel that the stylists have gotten it right for me on both fixes! If the prices would have been a bit lower on this fix, I may have been convinced in to getting the first top but I am happy with the 2 items I chose to keep.

I will probably take at least a couple months off from Stitch Fix but hope to be able to order another one a few months down the road.  It is such a big thing in the blog world right now that I will be sure to post again when it does arrive!  If you want to give Stitch Fix a try yourself and use my referral link in the process, you can give it a go HERE  Be sure and let me know what you get if you do! 


Mama Mimi said...

Yay I'm glad you were able to try it again and that you found two pieces you really like! Great choices =) And I hate it when you find a top that is everything you are looking for only to find that it clings to the wrong spots...bummer.