Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Atlanta Day 2!

Day 2 was a very relaxing day for me!  We are so not on Eastern Time but we are kind of trying to stay on West Coast time anyway. So it was a very late night and a morning of sleeping in for me while poor Peter went off to his class.  I woke up pretty late to an adorable little breakfast that my sweet husband had set out for me.  I was able to enjoy a nice quiet, relaxing morning. Just what I was looking forward to!  

Not a bad view 

Peter came back since he had a really long lunch break and we walked a few blocks to find lunch at an Atlanta favorite - The Varsity!  It was fun getting to see him in the middle of the day. Wish he worked closer so we could share lunch more often!

After another afternoon session for Peter, we had the evening to ourselves!  Transportation is a bit of a challenge that we've had to try to determine public transportation vs walking.  For our dinner plans, we decided walking the streets to our destination would work out just fine!  We were able to see a few Atlanta city landmarks and some beautiful architectural buildings! 

The Fox!

 We visited Mary Mac's Tea Room for dinner!  We were told this would give us our best taste of real southern cookin and we do agree that it was pretty darn amazing!

Fried Chicken, Grits, and amazing Sweet Potato Souffle 

Then we took a different route back on our very full, 20 minute walk to the hotel!

 We got back around 8:00 and my poor, tired hubby needed a nap.

Then we just relaxed and stayed up way too late again watching Oregon State baseball advance to the College World Series.  Late Start West Coast games mean REALLY late East coast games - oh boy!  But it was worth staying up to watch!