Monday, June 10, 2013


One of the many perks in our marriage is my getting to tag along with Peter on some of his work trips.  Now that the kids are getting a little bit older and we have some awesome grandparents who are willing to babysit, it has been a bit easier for me to try and go with him.   We did the math and put together that (besides overnight trips) it has been 5 years since we went on a trip just the two of us.  Sidenote: We did try to get away 2 years ago for our 5th anniversary, but surprise - I was 5 weeks pregnant on that trip and was miserably sick! So I'm not counting it - we had a tagalong! Needless to say, we have been feeling past due for some time away together!  

Now that Sabrina is a year old, I felt okay with the idea of leaving her. It was hard to say goodbye to all of my babies, knowing it would be a week before I see them again but I know they will be in great hands and having a wonderful time while I take advantage of some R&R!  

So, off to Atlanta we were bright and early Sunday morning!  I'm still not a huge fan of flying but I handle it just fine now. I actually slept most of the journey.  We got in to Atlanta around 7PM and got to the hotel and unpacked and were off to explore the surrounding area just a little bit.  We are in Midtown Atlanta, so we kind of thought it would be a hopping place, but we quickly discovered a major difference with big town living in the South.  It was a ghost town on a Sunday night - no one on the streets, no cars on the road, and no restaurants were open.  It was kind of creepy, but also kind of cool.  

After our little jaunt around a few blocks, a quick trip to pick up snacks at the grocery store and a little help from our phones to find a restaurant - we ironically ended up finding a restaurant right next to the hotel.  We ended up finding "Waffle House" which apparently is quite a bit chain breakfast place on this side of the country.  The staff was really, really nice and the waffles were amazing. Peter's favorite part is we got a ton of food super cheap! Never could find something that cheap and good in our parts.  Waffle House, start moving to the West Coast please :)  

Then it was back to the hotel to unwind and relax a bit. It wasn't too exciting of a first day but I was with my man and that is all that mattered!  Looking forward to a very fun and relaxing week!