Monday, July 30, 2012

The Best Weekend!

My favorite weekend of the year is Old Fashioned Festival Weekend!  I enjoy it so much, that I decided it would be the perfect weekend to get married on! Old Fashioned Festival is kind of what it sounds like - a little city festival that happens every year in our hometown! My grandparents live along the parade route so every year as long as I can remember (besides the year we got married), we've had a big BBQ there with family and close friends.

Peter and Malachi enjoying the parade:

Peter's brother Andy and his girlfriend Sophie with Elias.  Elias LOVED the parade and even after 2 hours, was really sad when it was over!

                                                             "Mommy, see all my candy!"

                                                Sabrina playing in the shade in the backyard!

                                                                   Eli devouring candy!

Our most favorite part of the festival is the fireworks!  Our small town can put on a good firework show.  We love to get as close to the fence as we can so that the fireworks are shooting off right over heads!  So we go hours early, eat greasy food and sit and visit on a blanket!  This year we had wonderful company with this cute couple :)

                                              Walking through the rides after the fireworks!

After a fun Saturday, on our actual anniversary we took off for a fun little get-away to the beach for the night!  My parents own a timeshare so we get awesome opportunities throughout the year to stay at wonderful places like this!

                                              Our beautiful view! Love our Oregon Coast!

                                                   Sabrina tagged along :)  Sweetheart!!!

                                                         Enjoying the beautiful sunset!

                                                   And a gorgeous morning to greet us!

Yes, it was the best type of weekend for sure!