Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Freezer Full!!!

What do you do when it is fresh fruit and veggie season in Oregon?  You stock up and fill your freezer! This year we discovered how much money you can save by picking your own berries.  So I stayed home with the sickies while Peter took off for a few hours of berry picking!  

Our local grocery store also had a huge fruit and veggie sale going on this past week so I decided that would be a great time to try my hand at making some homemade baby food!  Something that I wanted to get around to doing for Malachi and Elias, but just never found the time!

                                So we had a few busy days of making 16 pints of strawberry jelly!

                                             4 pints each of raspberry jelly and grape jam!

And then it was time to puree lots of baby food!  I knew it would be a little while before Sabrina is able to eat some of the foods, like berries but baby food can last in the freezer for quite some time so I figured why not give it a shot!  It truly was very easy to make it ourselves!  I also loved how beautiful all the colors turned out!

                     We ended up getting 42 servings of raspberry puree and 54 servings of blueberry puree!

 14 servings of zucchini puree and 11 servings of kiwi! 

                                 4 servings of spinach, 9 servings of mango, 8 servings of brocolli,

                                           15 servings of peach and 21 servings of cherry

                                                      And lastly 8 servings of avacado!

I tried a few different methods of freezing to see what I prefer.  Most we froze in ice cube trays then transferred to ziplock bags.  This was a bit tedious and took 3 days of freezing since we only have 2 ice cube trays!

    And I also tried out some baby food freezer bags.  A little less economical, so we will see which works best for us.

So all in all, it seems to have been a pretty good experiment.  I plan on continuing to buy fruits and veggies as they come on sale and freezing for the winter months, as long as I can find freezer room!  I estimate that we spent about $36 and ended up with 185 servings of baby food and we know exactly what is in all of it so it works out much better!  Now I can't wait to start trying them out on her and see what she thinks of them!


alexandrea said...

hey amy,

check out infantino,!/InfantinoMomsRule and there new food pouches. they are being released in sept.

Kids are so cute, can't believe sabrina is 3 mo already, and they boys have gotton so big.

Hope you have a great day!