Monday, July 9, 2012

A Date with the Littlest Man!

Tonight I got to escape the house for a little while with just this little stud muffin:

Oh how he melts my heart!  Peter and I decided a few months ago that we needed to start going out on "dates" with our kids.  Last month Peter took Malachi out to see an African Children's Choir perform and so this month I took little man out for ice cream.  What more could a 17  month old want, right?!?

We felt like this would be something really important for us to do since all of our kids are so close in age and it is so easy to kind of lump them all together (especially the boys).  We want to get to know each of them as individuals.  This was an especially great time for me to take Elias out as he really is the content middle child. He just kind of hangs out and plays quietly all day while my attention is consumed by my potty training 2 year old and needy 2 month old. 

He really was happy to get out of the house with me and I noticed right away that he almost seemed lost without Malachi.  I think he tends to follow Malachi's lead in new situations so it took him awhile to get comfortable and do his own thing, but then he had a great time!  This is one tradition with our kids that I look forward to continuing throughout the years!  I am already thinking about next time and looking forward to my chance to take Mr Malachi out!