Friday, July 27, 2012

Making Progress

Well, little by little we are getting somewhere with the waiting.  The big things are still moving along slowly and we hope to have some answers soon.  We're still waiting for the CPA stuff and I wouldn't be surprised if they keep us waiting for a bit longer too.

However, we have made a little bit of progress with the health insurance stuff.  The insurance company is still taking their time, however Peter was able to speak to a nice guy there that told him that they are working on it but the claims reviewer and the person who originally did the claim are arguing over how it should be processed.  Hmm, does anyone else find this ridiculous that even THEY don't know how it should be done? Gives me little confidence that they know how to bill correctly in the first place!  So we continue to wait.  I'm not sure what is going on with that at this point, because that was 3 days ago that they were arguing about it!

However, Peter also called the hospital and got someone nice there too (wow, two nice customer service reps - WOW!)  and she said that they are okay with waiting longer and that they deal with insurance companies not taking care of business all the time.  So at least we're good to go for at least a little while longer.  Although, I really wish the insurance company would get their act together!

And in the biggest and BEST news of all (while we continue to wait on even bigger things!)

Peter's car was FOUND!!!  The good news is that it is still in mostly good condition.  The only thing wrong with it is that the guy broke the console when he ripped out the stereo.  It still runs and there is no other damage to it, so we don't have to try and figure out a way to come up with another car or be a one car family for awhile!  This is a huge blessing right now!!!  Even sweeter is the officer who found the car was willing to sit there and wait for Peter to get it so we didn't have to pay towing fees to get it back!

Also, the police feel they have a very strong case against the person who they have in custody.  Peter's company has surveillance footage of the thief and the person they picked up with a backpack of stuff from Peter's car is wearing the exact same clothes - so it shouldn't be too hard to prove. Right now the police are preparing to press charges on our behalf for unlawful use of a vehicle and car theft.  At this point, we aren't exactly sure what stuff of ours he has in his possession because the police have to get a search warrant for his backpack before they can go through it.  But I am feeling pretty confident that everything that is missing from Peter's car will be in the backpack.  We are just very happy and relieved that the car was found!!!

Hoping this good news continues!!!