Saturday, July 14, 2012

Milestones All Around!

We have so many exciting things going on in our house right now.  It is amazing how quickly our babies are all growing up and all 3 of them had big milestones yesterday!  

I consider Malachi "potty trained" now!  He's doing such an amazing job and while it felt like an eternity of training, it really was just about one month of really buckling down and being consistent!  He's 26 months and potty trained.  I am so excited about this!!!  

Yesterday, I also converted Eli's crib into a toddler bed.  We made the big move with Malachi when he was about 21 months old and was climbing out of the crib, but we decided it was time to give it a try with Eli at 17 months.  Almost daily, he was getting his little legs stuck in the crib slats so I decided it was time, even though he can still get his legs stuck.  He's doing pretty good with it.  Peter and I did have to go in several times the first nap and night to put him back in his bed because he wants to sleep in Malachi's bed so bad.  I think we have a good bed configuration figured out now, that should help them be close to each other!  It sure made reality hit that little man is growing up too fast!  Look at him all proud in his big boy bed!  

And lastly the little princess got her first taste of cereal last night!  I gave Malachi cereal as soon as he got home at just shy of 4 months old and Elias was 3 1/2 months or so, but I guess adjusted age that would have made him 2 1/2 months.  Sabrina was seeming really ready for something a bit more filling than just milk as she has slowing been waking earlier and earlier every night.  So I decided it was time to give her a try of some cereal and see how she did.  If she didn't want it, I wasn't going to try and force her but she was really into it!  I couldn't shovel it fast enough for her!  She thought it was yummy and slept a lot better too!  Baby food won't be far behind!

This is some of the exciting stuff going on in our lives right now!  We have so many more exciting things in the works (hopefully) that I hope to be able to share soon!