Wednesday, July 18, 2012

3 Months

Wow, another month old already!  3 Months is a really fun age in my opinion!  She is still super cuddly but is also starting to play and interact more with the people around her!  She can giggle and laugh and smiles easily!  Its a lot of fun to get to just start seeing who she is!  

Well, this was yet another exciting month in little Bina's life. Bina is the nickname that Malachi gave Sabrina and it has kind of stuck for all of us!  Good job Malachi :)  

Sabrina is now 13 lbs even!  That puts her perfectly in the 50%.  Her daddy has always been referred to as "perfect" so I like to joke that she takes just after her daddy!  Even in her complete perfectness, she hasn't been able to stay away from some nasty germs and had her first cold and also hand, foot, mouth disease this month :(  All 5 of us got taken down by the cold, and 4 of us got taken down by that nasty HFM. Fortunately she must still have a good boost of  immunities because she came through all that sickness really well! 

She is still a good eater!  We hit a bit of a rough patch for a few days.  I thought maybe it was because she was getting bottles more often but I am pretty sure now, that it was a sore throat with the HFM.  She eats every 2-4 hours during the day.  And we are still trying to figure out her schedule at night.  She went from sleeping all night to waking up a few times a night, to waking up every 1 1/2- 2 hours.  I'm still not sure if that had to do with her sickness or a growth spurt or if she was just getting hungry more often, but we introduced oatmeal cereal into her diet a few days ago and that seems to satisfy her a little bit better.  We are looking forward to starting more solids here very very soon!  She has done a great job with the cereal! 

So, as I already mentioned, we are struggling a little bit in the sleep department.  Feeding her more often seems to be helping but I also had a bit of a hunch that Peter might have been waking her up.  Peter's a bit of a loud sleeper. Sometimes he snores, sometimes he makes funny noises, and he also thrashes around when he moves.  A few nights ago he thrashed around when he rolled over, and it woke me and her up.  So I figured it was time to move her out of our room (sniff sniff).  This always seems to be a difficult transition for me, but I did feel like it was time!  So over the weekend, we stopped napping Elias in "the nursery" and Peter moved the mattress back up.  We put the bumper back on the bed, put a PINK sheet on the mattress, and started getting her used to it for naps.  A great tool we utilize is a sheep that plays heartbeat sounds.  We've used it in our room for all the kids and then when we transition them to their room, it is one thing that stays the same for them and might help.  Last night was her first actual night in there and she slept great!  Didn't wake up until Peter was getting ready for work (5:30) so hopefully we're back on the right track for sleep!

We seem to be getting into a better routine with her.  She's awake more throughout the day and is taking 3-4 predictable naps a day.  This month she discovered that she actually does like her swing and that is one place that I can usually put her in for awhile when I need to get something done!  She also likes to spend time on her playmat looking and kicking at her toys.

One thing that she still doesn't like is tummy time.  Eli was the very same way and just hated it!  I know at 2 months the pediatrician said we didn't really need to push it with her so we haven't.  I try it a few times a day, but it usually doesn't last long.  She seems to have pretty good neck support so I'm not overly worried about it at this point.  She'll learn to like it eventually :)

Her favorite place is still to be in someone's arms.  She still loves to be in the moby and I also pulled out my sling carrier a few days ago and she liked that too.  I read somewhere how baby boys tend to be content with toys more so than baby girls.  Baby girls long for human interaction and that is one clear difference I can already see with her.  The boys seemed to enjoy toys much more than she does, but if I stop and touch her or talk to her she just lights up!

She really is just about the sweetest thing ever!  I love her so much and just can't imagine my life without her in it!  We have been so blessed!!!