Sunday, August 5, 2012

18 Months

My precious little Elias is now 18 months old.  WHERE has the time gone?!?  Seriously, I can't even believe that he is 18 months already! I just want to scoop him up and enjoy every single second of this sweet little boy before he grows up!  He is seriously, so sooo precious! I just don't know how else to describe him.  He's kissable, huggable, lovable!  He's sweet as sugar!  He's heart melting! He's the warm and fuzzy's!  I adore this little guy!  

Elias has had some huge milestones over these past 3 months.  He learned how to climb on the furniture which means he has a whole new range of things to get into.  But too bad for him, we already had to baby proof everything thanks to big brother! He has also moved into a big boy bed!  This was a huge (and probably a bit hasty) move for Eli.  He kept getting his legs stuck in the crib, so we decided to try the toddler bed.  He is doing pretty good, but the combination of the two boys sharing a room now (another milestone!) creates a lot more drama at night and at naps.  They can truly be double trouble!  Now Malachi is also getting out of bed in the night and he turns on the lights and they have a little 4AM party time!  They go down around 8 at night, and are up between 6-8 in the morning.  They also nap 2-3 hours during the day.

This creates a little bit crankier babies as they aren't sleeping enough.  Poor, silly little man is falling asleep all over the place these days, and even in his high chair :)

Elias is now 24 lbs 12 ounces (25-50%) and 31" (10-25%).  He's still our little guy which is somewhat surprising because this little guy loves to eat!  There still really isn't much that he doesn't like to eat.  He eats anything we put in front of him, which is really nice!  His most favorite foods are waffles, banana's and milk.  He also loves to explore his food and makes quite the mess at meal times as he must play with it and mush it around while he eats!  

His most favorite toys are still balls.  He has a great arm and a great jump shot :)  He also loves to play with cars.  He is really starting to enjoy books.  He knows almost all of his colors and a few of the shapes and a few of his letters.  We call him the little mimicker or the little copy-cat because he tries to do everything that Malachi does!  It is pretty cute to watch!   Also, he loves to sneak into the pantry to play anytime I give him the opportunity!

He is also learning new words left and right.  I haven't really been able to keep track of them, because he has  been saying so much!  So his official count ends at 43!  New words in the last 3 months are:  Minnie, Cracker, Go, Gate, I love you, toast, mickey, eat, help, hot, teeth, car, elmo, down, blue, bowl, apple, more nana (banana), mamma bye bye, hi mama, night night, purple, no, more!  

He is also finally getting some teeth!  He has gotten his upper side incisors and 2 molars on the top - bringing the total to 8 teeth!  He is working on the bottom molars and we are still really wondering where those bottom side incisors are! 

We love you so much Elias!  You continue to amaze us everyday with these new skills you are learning.  You have become such a big boy! Your mind is always working and you always seem busy in thought! I love so many things about you.  Your beautiful curly hair.  Your dark brown eyes and long eye lashes.  Your adorable little smirk that if we're lucky turns into a full on smile with your precious lil dimple!  Your little Russian accent when you speak!  You have a heart of gold that already shines through and we are so blessed to have you in our lives!  We love you little Elias!