Monday, August 27, 2012

Very Pinteresting

I have always loved trying out Pinterest recipes, and also pinning lots of house decor ideas.  Over the past few weeks, we've actually been able to utilize a few projects around the house!  

Peter and I tackled a few in door projects that I just love!  a height chart for the kids and an awesome photo decor!  

 Of course Disneyland height requirements Must be on our chart!  Malachi might be getting close!

                                                   I love love love how these turned out!

Now, as I have mentioned in the past, we bought a home that was foreclosed on and was in horrible condition when we purchased it.  We have put a lot of time and money on the inside of the house, but have had to move very slowly on the work outside.  We had really high aspirations for projects this summer (a few, courtesy of Pinterest).  As the summer has worn on and we are looking at a very busy September, we decided that a lot of projects would probably need to wait until next year.

Well, enter the in-laws to the rescue and the yard has now way exceeded my expectations!  It is safe and lots of fun for the kids.  Peter, and his parents, and even his grandma have worked really hard the last two weekends to make our yard a really fun and nice place for the kids.  They love it and I love it!

So I couldn't really find any pictures of before and I'm a little disappointed that we didn't get any good ones, but this one is from a few years ago:

Since then, we have replaced the old cruddy fence (last year's yard project) and this weekend we added a really fun chalkboard to it!

I admit, that people have always complimented our house on the amazing covered deck.  But I have always undervalued it I guess and have never really appreciated.  More times than not, I have wished we just had a patio out there because I always felt like the deck needed more work than we could ever afford to put into it.

But after replacing the rotted boards, cleaning it and getting rid of all the bugs, two-tone staining it, and laying down some outdoor carpet - it is an awesome (caged in!)  play area for the kids!

Once again, my children are not wearing pants, but they were having an awesome time, so who cares :)

                   Look at that deck sparkle.  All it needed was a bit of TLC and now it feels perfect!