Saturday, June 25, 2011

Our Story - Part 3

Finally we were to our year 1 of marriage together!

So far, we've gone back and looked at our 7 months of dating and our 18 months of engagement to get to this date - our wedding day! We spent an entire 18 months planning and preparing and it was finally time to walk down the aisle and start our lives together!

For the most part our wedding day was everything we wanted it to be. There of course your typical wedding day glitches (um, what photographer FORGETS her camera!?!) but it was a great day, that went way to fast for all the hours we put into planning and we were quickly done with it and on to life together!

For the most part I was a very calm bride. I didn't get nervous until RIGHT before the wedding when they said it was time to go. Then I really started wondering why in the world we chose to have a big wedding. But as soon as Peter was holding my hand, my nerves calmed and everything was okay. We did our wedding traditionally and Peter did not see my dress until he saw me walking down the aisle.

And we were married!!! Amazing how reciting a view vows, placing a couple symbols on your fingers, and sealing it with a kiss creates a permanent, lifetime union! We were ready to face whatever life could throw at us together!

My most important piece of wedding preparation was my cake! This was the item I spend my childhood looking up in cake decorating books and thinking about. We did a Disney themed wedding reception and the cake was the most important piece of the puzzle. The glass castle cake topper we purchased when we got engaged in Disneyland and everything else was made around that. The main cakes wrapped around saying "And they lived happily ever after..."

The smaller cakes had gold mickey mouse heads. I pretty much loved everything about the cake!

Our reception was done at my great-grandmother's old farm house. It was such a blessing for me to get to have my reception at such an amazingly beautiful location!!!

I just can't even begin to say how much excitement we had at finally being husband and wife! We had waited so long and we really felt sooo ready to start life together!

Oh and can't go on without showing a picture of my incredible amazing wedding shoes :)

And that was that! A couple hours at the wedding reception and we were on our way to forever!

I know most people wouldn't consider Disneyland the perfect honeymoon destination, but for us it was the most perfect honeymoon a person could ask for!

The view from our room:
We had soooo much fun!

And Disney sure did try and make everything special for us!

We ate so many chocolate covered strawberries. I always associate strawberries with Disneyland now - they were sooo good. We picked up at least a few everyday!

Our Honeymoon picture in the engagement spot!

Umm, pretty much the best dessert ever at our favorite restaurant The Blue Bayou. Imagine my EXTREME disappointment when I discovered on our last trip that they discontinued this - bad form Disneyland.

It was so hot! Seriously, just a matter of minutes and our icy drinks were totally melted!

The official honeymoon ended, but we still had a fabulous first year of marriage. A few weeks after returning from Disneyland and we got into a normal routine. I went back to work and Peter went back to school for his Junior year. He was very busy with school and working 30 hour weeks, but life was so much easier than it was being engaged. It was so nice to come home to each other every night!

We had heard so many times how difficult that first year of marriage is or people would say "oh, I would never want to go back to that first year" but really, it was pretty great. We consider ourselves very fortunate and blessed that the transition into marriage was so smooth!

New Years Day 2007

To celebrate making it through another year of school, we headed off to our very first trip ever at Disney World! It was a fun little get-away at the end of a busy school year! We had just one more year of school to go! We could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

In Peter's first effort (of many) to delay children, we got our first little pets - our baby chinchilla's!!! (who btw are still going strong!)

As we approached our one year wedding anniversary, we headed over to Eastern Oregon for a family reunion. It was a lot of fun and so beautiful!

Looking back now, I think we established a very strong foundation that first year of marriage. As I think about that first year I just think of a lot of fun. We were so happy to finally be living life together and starting our life as young married adults!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love hearing your story.....Love Disney although I have only been to Disney World.... :) Our first year was pretty amazing as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!