Friday, June 17, 2011

Family Date Night to the Park

When Peter and I were dating, we started a weekly Thursday night date night tradition. We have kept this tradition together all these years and still really enjoy and look forward to this special time. Over the last year our tradition has changed a little bit. It is very rare for us to go out on date night alone, so for the most part date night is now - FAMILY date night. Someday I am sure we will start hiring a babysitter and go out just the two of us again, but for now we do enjoy having fun as a family!

As we continue to try and find ways to save money, we decided to purchase a 2 year state parks pass. It was relatively cheap and will give us lots of opportunities to go out and have some fun as a family! We live just 10 minutes away from a state park so it will be easy to go out and use it hopefully often during these summer months. Last night we decided to pack up a little family picnic dinner and enjoy the park!

Malachi enjoying his pb and j dinner!

Eli just hanging out while the rest of us ate dinner (this was short lived before he wanted some dinner too!)

Malachi making silly faces at me while we packed up dinner

Eli was getting a little chilly so daddy bundled him up (Peter has a great skill of wrapping blankets up all snug around you- a skill I even take advantage of from time to time!)

Taking a little walk!

Oregon is truly the most beautiful state. It is something we don't think about on a daily basis, but after traveling around to other states you realize just how perfect Oregon really is! On the way back Peter noticed this owl sitting in the tree!

Beauty all around us!
Beauty comes at a price - can you say ALLERGIES!!!

The boys were wearing out as bedtime approached

Big ole yucky slug. Good thing Peter was paying attention or else we would have ran it over with the stroller - Yuck!

Sleepy boy!

It was a fun time as a family and we look forward to going out there again soon! Next time we will let Malachi and daddy run around! Date night has definitely changed around here but we still love it!!!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Nothing better than getting outside in God's creation!!!