Monday, June 13, 2011


Now that Elias is getting older and stronger we are starting to let Malachi get a little bit closer and interact a bit more with his baby brother.

It was hard at first, bringing home a very fragile 5 pound baby and having a very large 10 month old who had no idea what "gentle" meant. So those first few months it worked pretty well to just let the boys do their own thing. Once Malachi got over his initial fear of the baby when he would cry, it worked pretty well that Malachi pretty much just ignored his existence. We knew as time went on they would become the best of friends!

But now, as Eli is getting bigger and he is starting to interact more and want to play more than sleep, the boys are becoming friends! Malachi has discovered that Eli has a lot of really cool toys!

Malachi loves to pull off his own socks and now with a brother, he has someone else's socks that he can take off too!

At first, Eli was not sure of letting Malachi get to close to him and he made it KNOWN that he wanted mommy to come to his rescue.

But they warmed up to each other and now Eli loves to smile and talk to his big brother!

Malachi likes to pat Eli on his head, but we have to keep a very close eye on him and tell him to be "gentle"!

It is so fun having these two so close together! Amazing Brothers!!

Yes, Malachi LOVES all of Eli's toys!

He loves them sooo much that we are definitely seeing some reverting back to babyhood with Malachi, but it is no big deal. If Malachi wants a bite of cereal when Eli eats some - no biggie. If Malachi wants to sit in the bumbo - alright! Malachi loves to get on his knees and bounce in the bouncy seat and you know what, he isn't hurting anything (as long as Eli isn't in it) so we let him. One of his very favorites is to play in the exersaucer with his brother. We were lucky that we had two of them I guess. Crazy how the kid has completely ignored these things for months, but now that Eli is using them, he must too :)

The biggest challenge of my day is that I have to supervise and play interference most of the day. Which is a good thing, it ensures that I spend plenty of time playing with my boys! If I have to leave the room for a minute, I have to bring one of the boys with me and that is hectic, but there is no way they will be able to stay in the same room unsupervised (even for a quick moment) for a long time still. But I am already starting to see the incredible bond forming as these two little guys grow up together! We have something very special here!!!


Mandie M. said...

This is adorable :). We have an Ethiopian Prince named Malachi too :)