Tuesday, June 7, 2011

4 Months

Elias is already 4 months old! Boy is time flying, and I am not sure if I am ready for my little cuddle bug of a baby to keep growing and I know pretty soon he will be off chasing his big brother.

At his appointment today he was 13 lbs 13 ounces (10-25%) and 24.5" (10-25%) so he is doing an awesome job of catching up! Developmentally he is right on track for a 3 month old, he lags behind a little with neck strength but the doctor says that is to be expected considering he SHOULD be a 3 month old right now. So no real areas of concern at his check-up!

Elias continues to be a very easy baby! He goes down around 8:00 at night and sleeps until 6-7 in the morning, then he drinks a bottle and falls back asleep until around 10:00. During the day, he eats and eats and eats, which with all the sleeping he does at night is to be expected and I am more than happy to feed him all day long if he wants to sleep so great for me at night!

Eli loves to lay under his play mat and bat at the toys hanging above him. He also loves to sit in his bumbo seat. Another favorite place to be is up on mommy's shoulder where he can be rocked or in his Ergo. Some things he does not enjoy are his swing and tummy time. The doctor said some kids just don't tolerate the tummy time well and I guess he is one of them!

He moves all over the place in his crib at night! I have no idea how he does it since he isn't rolling over, but he ends up all turned around and sideways or he pushes himself up to the top of it where he hits his head up against it.

Some milestones this month include sleeping in his own room and being able to fall asleep on his own when mommy puts him down at night! Another great sleep milestone is we got him out of the swaddle this month too! He also loves to giggle at daddy (but no giggles for mommy - boo). And he also recently tried rice cereal, which he was not a big fan of until mommy added applesauce too. Another thing he loves to do, is come in our room and sleep in daddy's spot after a morning bottle. I admit, I also really enjoy this early morning snuggle time before we fall back asleep together. He is going to grow up way to quick so I will take all the snuggles I can get!

We sure do love this little guy. He has the cutest chubby cheeks (with daddy's dimples!) He has a smile that can melt me to the core and also the biggest pouty lip that can break my heart into a million little pieces. We sure are blessed!