Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

To my amazing husband who became a daddy on August 8th 2010. I saw how deeply you fell in love with your son even from the first time you held him in your arms!

Instantly, I saw this fire ignite inside of you to take God's command to care for the orphan and defend the fatherless!

You were ready and willing to do whatever it would take to make our son feel safe and secure and to make him know that you were trustworthy and loved him, even if that meant walking around the hotel room in a foreign country for hours to offer him the comfort he needed.

On February 4th 2011, you became a father for the second time. I saw a new side of you, a deeply concerned, protective side of you as our son was born sick. You did not want to leave his side and you wanted to comfort him anyway you could, even if the only thing you could do was hold his hand through the hard days.
Through the exhaustion of days spent at the NICU, you were still there to take care of us all. I specifically remember coming home from the NICU one night and I was so worn out, you got me dinner, made sure I took my medication, tucked me in and then went to spend time with Malachi who also needed us to be there for him. You were so tired yourself, but you still made sure to take care of every member of your family!

And even though you play rough sometimes, and hit your son in the head with snowballs you are still there when he needs you.

You are always there when THEY need you!

It makes me so happy to see how happy you make our boys. From the giggles that Eli ONLY gives you, to the smile that spreads across Malachi's face when he sees you walk in the door at night.

To the games you come up with to make Malachi happy and have fun!

You are something amazing! I have always loved you, but seeing you take on this role as a daddy has made me fall deeper and deeper in love with you. There is no greater blessing a wife can have than a husband who loves his children with all of him.

Daily you set an amazing example for our boys and that is the greatest gift they could have. You are a one of a kind dad!