Thursday, June 23, 2011

1 Year Ago.....

Today is a day that holds a lot of significance. It is my Grandpa's 80th Birthday, which is special, it is also the day 2 years ago that my very dear grandmother passed away. AND it is also the day, one year ago we found out we were going to be parents for the second time!

I can't remember exactly where we were in the court process, but I believe by this point we had our 3rd court appointment and found out we hadn't passed. It was such an emotional time and I just wanted my son home. My spirits were very low and I figured I was just upset about the delays in getting him home. I was very worn out and more exhausted than I had ever been before. Which was odd because just weeks prior to this I had quit my job and now truly had no reason to be tired! I definitely just felt "off" and so on the spur of the moment, without even really thinking about it, I took a test.

I walked away from it, because I really didn't have ANY expectation to see two lines and I laid down for a couple hours to rest. When I woke up I noticed the test sitting there and a very faint second line. I had never seen a second line before. And as scary as it was to think of possibly having two babies, I couldn't help but smile! And then I proceeded to take about 3 more tests all of which said the same thing. I then had to break the news to my dear husband. I was sooo nervous and lets just say he was completely shocked and it took him awhile to process that information. The most important thing to us was NOT jeopardizing our adoption (which BTW our adoption agency was totally great about trying to be a help to us once we broke the news to them AFTER our son was safely home!)

I don't think it is ANY coincidence that I found out I was pregnant on the anniversary of my grandma's passing. If you knew her, you know she LOVED babies and was so excited everytime she found out one of her grandchildren was expecting. So in this case, she probably knew about Elias before I did and with her very fun sense of humor probably had a great laugh about the fact that would be getting two babies! Yes, God DOES have a sense of humor.

I wouldn't trade this life I have for ANYTHING. While it was rough traveling and trying not to puke on the flights and drives in Ethiopia, and while just a few days ago I had two crying babies on my lap when Peter walked in the door from work, and there are days I am covered in baby puke and sticky pieces of fruit snacks, or have changed 6 or 7 poopy diapers by the time the lights go out at night - my life feels soooo perfect!


Platinum Rose said...

What a significant date in your life for many reasons!