Thursday, March 17, 2011

What is Wrong with my Husband?

Usually Peter is a pretty well put together guy. He keeps me on track. Well, not this week.

Let's go back to Friday. We decide to go to the beach where my parents and Malachi are for the weekend. I have tried my best to get things all packed up. When Peter gets home we load up the car and get ready to go. I remind him to grab my pump and just mention "Beside's Eli, that is the one thing we can't forget." Off to the beach we go! We get to the beach (a couple hours away) and what do I notice is not there? We both totally left it sitting at home. I can't go the weekend without its so back home we drive and then all the way back to the beach.

On Monday I woke up around 7 to feed the baby and noticed that I had missed like 5 calls from Peter. That was really strange and I became really worried. My phone was right by the bed so I have no idea how I didn't hear it vibrating. I call him back. He says he grabbed his coat when he left and it felt heavy enough so he thought his keys were in it. He got to his car and discovered they were not in his pocket. He banged on the door for awhile (apparently the dogs were to sleepy to bark and wake me up) and he tried calling me. After 20 minutes he gave up, but realized that when I went into labor he left a key outside just in case anyone needed in the house.

On Tuesday, he came home and showed me how he had to wear his dress shirt all day (tucked low) because he forgot to put a belt on.

Wednesday he was spared.

Today Peter's alarm went off at 5 and for whatever reason he turned it off and went back to sleep. At 5:45 he woke up and off he ran to get ready for work.

Tonight we were off on our weekly date night (now it is family date night). We were going to use my free rib certificate for my birthday at Famous Dave's. We were also going to stop by Whole Foods and get some hair products for Malachi. We get in the car and I ask Peter if he has his debit card (I rarely grab my purse before leaving anymore) and he said "Yes". I respond jokingly saying "well, with your state of mind recently, you never know."

Now you see where this is going.........

We get up to Whole Foods, grab the hair products and fortunately Peter reached in his pocket and discovered that he did not in fact have his debit card before we were at the register. Soooo, no hair products for Mal and no Famous Dave's for us. Back the 30 minutes home we go, but we still didn't let it ruin our evening. By this time Mal was very hungry so we settled on dinner in town and still had a good time. I will get my free ribs some other time.

The morale of the story is that NO ONE, not even the most put together person can escape the effects of sleep deprivation!


David and Larisa said...

Ugh...I'm so with you on this one. I'm somewhat scatterbrained in the best of times - let alone when I'm sleep deprived. Here's hoping for a smoother week for poor Peter next week!

Elle J said...

LOL! You will be so happy you wrote all this out for your memory book. I think we all have stories of this kinda thing with our hubbies. =) Glad that you are taking it in stride and making light of the forgetfulness. Sleep really does do wonders for a body! =)