Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Expanding Vocabulary

Malachi is really starting to pick up words and can even use them in the correct context. He also uses signs correctly and I need to work with him more on this as he can pick them up pretty quick. Yet another reminder that the baby days are behind us and he is growing and becoming a toddler boy.

So far these are the words he uses:

Dada/Daddy - His favorite and he knows who daddy is
Mama - only uses occasionally
Hi - says this while waving
uh oh - His other favorite to use. He says this randomly but also as he drops food from his high chair onto the floor.
yay - says this as he claps

And his new words that he has picked up just in the last 24 hours

Tries to say "hotdog". He loves the HotDog song from the Mickey show on TV and he has been trying to sing "hotdog"
"night night" as I take him up the stairs to go to his bed for naptime
"no" - he said this as I told him no. Now I'm in trouble.

Signs "Milk" - He does this when he wants a drink in general these days
Signs "All Done" - When he has had enough to eat or wants a bite of something different

So fun to watch him learn new words!