Sunday, March 6, 2011

Parenthood at its Very Best! (This is Gross)

It's 5AM. Baby is fed and just needs a quick diaper change and it is back to bed for a few more blissful hours of sleep.

Open the diaper and survey the damage. I have 2 wipes left in the box. Our new boxes of wipes are downstairs and it doesn't seem worth it to go get them. I am super-mom! I can clean this mess up with just two wipes!

Lift up baby's legs, clean the mess up with two wipes - no problem. Reach for clean diaper............ and then it happens............. On the receiving blanket. On the crib sheet. On my sweats. On my feet and ankles. On our king size bed sheet. I tell my husband that I need more wipes RIGHT NOW. He runs downstairs to get more as I sit there in shock at what just happened.

After what feels like an eternity, the wipes arrive. Just in time for mess take 2 to explode all over the place. My lovely husband stands there and laughs as I am in awe. I had no idea that my little angel had this much in him. I also had no idea that it could shoot out like this!

Clean up adorable baby. Clean up moms legs. Put on new pair of sweatpants. Strip down crib. All the crib sheets are in Malachi's room and we are NOT going in there and risk waking him. Layer crib with receiving blankets for remainder of night. Change bedding on king size bed.

5:30 AM - finally back to bed!

I have 2 babies but am still such an amateur.............


Maria Delgado said...

oh my goodness. u poor thing.