Thursday, March 3, 2011

Name Game

How do you pick the name that someone is going to have to use for years and years and years? I have always felt a lot of pressure when it comes to picking a name. I have shared before how we came up with the name Malachi and its significance. After the challenge of agreeing on one boy name I NEVER thought we would need to pick another boy name so soon :)

So where did Elias come from?

When it comes to naming our children, we have 3 basic rules:
#1) We both had to love the name
#2) The name had to have meaning
#3) We did not want it to be so mainstream that you hear it everyday (so no names in the top 100 baby names)

So when it came to picking out a boy name (since we still have the girls name in reserve) we searched the baby name book again, went back through the Bible, read movie credits to try to find names....... and were not coming up with anything that we both liked. With Malachi, it was just so apparent. As soon as we came across the name, we both just knew it was "the name" and we were not getting that feeling with any one name this time.

But finally we found it!

So what does this man have to do with the name we picked?

As everyone knows, we are huge Disney fans in this house. So in passing one day, Peter throws out the name Walt (I thought he was joking). There was no way in the world that I was going to name my child Walter. But then we saw it - Walter Elias Disney.

Elias - My God is the Lord! It followed all 3 of our rules and we both loved it!

As I was sitting in my hospital room all alone after Peter and Eli were transported, I was reminded of the meaning of his name. This little boy was God's. Instantly at birth, I had to release him into God's hands and that was not an easy thing for my longing arms to do. He was not mine to protect or save as much as I wished I could. That was something that only God could do and we are so thankful He did and that Elias is here with us today. God has already reigned the Lord over Eli's life!