Thursday, March 31, 2011


Things have been a little rougher around here the past week. The lack of sleep is catching up with us and so patience is running a little bit thinner.

We have a little baby who really likes to be cuddled and wants to be close to me all day long. If I try to put him down anywhere (and I have tried it all!) he cries and cries until he gets picked up again.

We have a another little boy who is discovering his independence and his inner attitude. He wants it his way and he wants it that way right now!

We have a husband and wife who haven't been communicating the best. By the time the little ones are tucked in and asleep there is just no energy left for conversation or quality time.

But we are learning and we are figuring out our dynamic as a family of 4. We went through a similar transition after Malachi came home. It just comes with the territory of any big life change. I know this phase of life will pass all too quickly.

As I look across the room and hear my almost 1 year old son babbling away with himself and his toys I wonder where has this last year gone? A year ago, he was just a dream and now here he is just weeks away from his first birthday. The next year and the year after that will continue to pass way too quickly!

So I can handle the temper tantrums a little longer!

I can hear little Eli waking up and starting to cry from the swing in the other room. He has only been in it 10 minutes top, but that is the way he rolls. These first 2 months of his life have passed so quickly and in the blink of an eye he will be sleeping through the night and crawling and walking and following big brother as life goes on.

So I can handle his constant need to cuddle a little longer!

I am thankful that the biggest struggle of our marriage is lack of communication completely induced by lack of sleep! Someday soon, our rest will be restored! While marriage has always come naturally and been quite easy for us, right now it just requires a little more work and a little more patience. As part of our trying a little harder, tomorrow night we will be going out alone, without the kids for some good quality time!!!


MamaMimi said...

Such a great outlook Amy! I applaud you for seeing the best in a very exhausting and yes, difficult situation! It is a season, and it won't last forever.