Saturday, March 5, 2011

Baby Step #3!

Well, we did it! As of yesterday we are driving a paid for Jeep! It really feels good to pay off another debt and now we can press on with Baby Step #3 - 6 months expenses in savings! We still haven't filed our taxes but my accountant (Peter) blames that on the IRS for not releasing the adoption tax credit form until after we had a baby, but hopefully we will get those sent off this week.

Originally our tax return was going to put a huge dent in the 6 month of expenses in savings, but things change and life happens. Now, a good part of our tax return will be going to the medical bills that just keep coming (Mr. Eli is worth every one of them!) And that is the exact reason that Dave Ramsey says to get that much money in savings, so when the unexpected happens, you don't have to go in to debt to work your way out of it. I am just thankful that we are going to have the money to pay these bills when they come in! On a related note: I have never been more thankful to have health insurance!!!

So we are doing well and staying focused even through the craziness of our life right now and I am thrilled to be driving a paid for car!