Thursday, March 24, 2011

These Days

Life these days is still pretty amazing! In the midst of all the poopy diapers and sleep deprivation I am starting to figure out a routine and how to get things done while caring for my two babies! We almost have the spare bedroom all cleared out (what a job!) so we can start painting Malachi's big boy room. I am starting to get the house back clean and in order. I am getting back in the swing of getting meals cooked at night again. I am starting to work out again in hopes of shedding more than just the couple pounds of pregnancy weight left to lose! Things finally are starting to feel back on track and I am loving this new normal!

Elias continues to thrive and do amazing! He is just about out of newborn clothes, but those 0-3 month stuff seem huge on him still. Here are some pictures of him on his 6 week birthday:

Starting to get some chub :)
Malachi continues to entertain and keep everyone smiling! He LOVES his blankets and drags them all over the place. When he is tired he can fall asleep in minutes as long as he has one of his blankets!
It is so hard to believe that Malachi is almost 1 year old! Yesterday I went out and bought some stuff for his First Birthday. He may be oblivious, but I can't wait!!!
Let's see, what else? Here's a cute picture of Eli fresh out of the bath and all clean! I LOVE the smell of clean babies :)

After a rough patch of night sleeping, we have hit our groove again! The last two nights we have gotten 5 and 6 hour stretches of sleep out of Elias! I am just not sure there is anything more precious than pictures of a sleeping baby, especially a sleeping baby at 2 in the morning :)

We did hit a rough patch of daytime sleep recently. Eli really does not like to be put down, and as much as I would love to hold and rock him all day, that is just not an option when I have another baby boy who needs mommy time too! We did have a rough go-around where he demanded to be cuddled all day, so he spent a lot of time awake and crying instead of sleeping. I think he was pretty much awake from 5:30 AM until 3 PM when he finally crashed hard.

This is him getting ready for his evening bath, with no energy whatsoever left to fight :) After a nice warm bath, he was content to go back to sleep!

So with a demanding boy, I have had to try lots of different things to try and get him to sleep. One of his favorites is snuggled up in the boppy (a few pictures back), another is in his moby as pictured below. This frees me up to get some work done around the house and allows me to be able to care for Malachi at the same time!

(Sorry for the lame picture)
Another favorite is the Bouncy seat! He finally fits in it! Before, he was just too small and it bent him in a weird way, but now he will at least stay put in it long enough for me to feed Malachi lunch or get Malachi down for a nap!

Speaking of Malachi, here is my silly little boy! Ah, I just love him so much :)

I admit I have done a horrible job of taking care of his hair. I know that is parenting 101 for an AA child. The plan all along has been to buzz it around his first birthday, so we have made due with cheap hair products up to now. Well, as his first birthday is approaching, I love his curls and I can't imagine buzzing his precious hair - so it stays! That means we needed to splurge and buy the boy some real hair products. After hours of researching and trying to find the best routine and the best products, I felt more overwhelmed than ever! I figured we just needed to buy one and try it out!

What do you think? It is a huge improvement over what his hair looked like before, but I am not sure how we will know when we find "the right one for his hair"!

So what are we using?
So far we are using the Kinky Curly line that we purchased at Whole Foods. I love the smell of the Curling Custard. But the biggest hair improvement piece came in the mail yesterday! We have been using the Kinky Curly for a few days, but yesterday the Tangle Teezer came in the mail and it is AWESOME! Seriously, amazing difference and no tears when we use it on his hair! So much better than a pick!!!

So that is the basics of what we are up to these days. Staying busy, but just with normal old family life and I am loving it!


Maria Delgado said...

Great to catch up with u friend! The boys look adorable!

Bob and Cheri said...

The tangle teaser will be your new bff. I have found it works best if Magdalyn's hair is wet - so I keep a spray bottle handy.

Also - I am falling in love with Alaffia products - the line for babies.

I am using the shampoo, leave in detangler and curling cream. They leave her hair much softer than the Kinky Curly products did.