Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Favorite Things

It isn't as thrilling as Oprah's favorite things and I'm not giving away any free stuff (boo) but these are some things that I am loving right now and thought someone else might like to check them out!

This software is $30 on amazon and I LOVE it! It has made scrapbooking so easy and the program is so simple and easy to use. I love that it automatically detects the pictures on my computer so I don't have to upload the photos I want to use to the program. I can just browse through my computer files and find the pictures I want.

Another thing that was most important to me when I was researching programs was finding one that I could upload the pictures to their website and they would print them in an album for me. This one does that very easily plus I have the option to convert the pages to jpeg format and print them anywhere I would like if I so choose!

It has been so simple and so fun. I was able to pop out 67 pages in a matter of 2 days (while caring for two little boys) and get myself completely caught up. Now to start to work on Eli's album!

Here are a few of my favorite pages from the last couple days:

#2) For years I have been following a website called "The Generous Wife". This website sends daily emails on a way that as a wife you can be generous to your husband. I have followed it for years but I admit that a lot of times I just deleted the emails without even opening them. Well, in the season of marriage we are in right now, it is so easy to be completely wrapped up with my two busy little one's and it is easy to forget the person who started this whole family! Well, I have been trying to be more intentional about reading these emails and applying some of the ideas.

Here is the blog address where you can sign up for the daily emails (or just read the blog)
And there is a husband counterpart located here:

#3) I am not watching as much TV these days as there are always chores to be done in my free time (or scrapbooking) and I would much prefer to get some zzzz's in the evening hours than watch a tv show. But there is one show that I am loving and stay up late to get to watch. I have always loved labor and delivery shows and this one is great and entertaining even for the guys (Peter enjoys it too!) It is even more entertaining to us now that we know what these people are going through!

Here are some previews and clips for your enjoyement of One Born Every Minute:


Maria Delgado said...

yep. I NEED to watch this show now! LOL.