Friday, November 2, 2007


Well one more week of our lives is over. This week was so great in so many ways and in a few others it was awful. First for all the great things going on in our life. Peter is very excited about the prospect of working at AKT. They really did present a good offer and he has already made friends with some of the employees there. On top of that wonderful news they have also told him that they would allow him to inter with them until he does graduate!!! This is great news as his job at SPNP isn't the best and he is always in jeopardy with the financial situation they are in of losing his job. No he has not accepted the offer yet, he is still waiting to hear from Moss Adams and he still interviews with KPMG next week but it really appears that God is directing us to AKT.

One of Peter's old professors at George Fox met with him this week. Her name is Michelle and he shared with her where he is in the recruiting process and who he has it narrowed down to. She told him that she would recommend the job at AKT - she personally loves the people there and from knowing Peter she thinks that would be the better place for him to work. Her opinion counts for a lot as Peter has a lot of respect for this woman!!!

The KPMG interview is actually going to be a lot of fun. They are putting him up in a hotel in downtown Portland Wednesday night. Actually what they do is just take them to dinner Wednesday night and then in the morning do a brunch and interviews. Peter is allowed to take me, so I am going with him!!! Granted, I will be in the hotel the whole time, but it will be such a nice time and a cool experience!!!

I really need some time off of work. I have two and a half days off next week and I am definitely ready for it. Work gave us in my department some startling news and there are quite a few ruffled feathers!! Basically what it comes down to is this: I have spent the last year and a half training new employees to go to swing shift. I have worked my tail off and dealt with a lot of stress to get them trained. We were informed this week that the people we trained are going to be given our job and we are going to have to go over and do the harder more physical job while they make more to do the easier work (they make 14% more to work on swing). What this means for me personally is that I will have to go do a job that my body will not be able to physically handle and will have to leave the department. I feel like I totally got screwed over in this and as a business decision this actually makes no sense for them to do. Oh well, what do you do??? Keep my job in your prayers, it hasn't happened yet but it is going to happen unless we can change their minds.

So that is what is going on. Tonight my mom and I are taking my niece's to see Disney on Ice. We may have one or maybe two little girls staying with us tonight so we will see what happens there.