Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday!!!

We are freaks!!! Yes, it is now 3:45 AM on Black Friday. We are one of those crazy people that gets up in the middle of the night and stands out in the cold for an hour waiting for a store to open on Black Friday. Granted, today is not much different then any other day except for the fact that we are getting up and doing something fun instead of going to work. That is, if you consider fighting insane crowds fun!!! To make matters worse, we were reading in the newspaper about where the crowds will be this Black Friday. As the Oregonian refers to it "The belly of the beast" will be at Best Buy this morning. Where are we heading off to? Best Buy. So seriously - wish us luck. Peter's laptop has been on its last leg for quite some time now. We were trying to hold out for graduation, but that thing I can guarantee will not make it another 5 months. I will have to post pictures of his little set up in the corner. We will also be decorating our house later on today, so I will post pictures later.

Wish us luck as we go into the beast. Let us pray we make it out with our limbs all still attached and a computer!!! Black Friday 2007 begins.................