Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's Official!!!

Many Emails
7 Applications
6 Different firms
15 Interviews
5 Water Bottles
4 Courtside Blazer Tickets
3 Free Meals
2 Fleece Sweatshirts
1 Free Hotel Room
3 Great Job Offers
1 New Job!
All In 2 Months time..........
It is finished. Peter will be working for:

It has been a very difficult decision in coming but we both are confident that this is the place for Peter to begin his career. We have had so many ups and downs in trying to weigh through both firms but finally with some help from God we are excited about what Peter's future holds!!! We are that much more excited now to finish this school phase of life and on to the real part. This year is still going to be full of a lot of information and decisions and we will be sure to post as all of that comes into place. Yes, we were highly considering the offer at AKT, but it really came down to benefits. KPMG has amazing health care and retirement and disability insurance (hopefully will never need that one) and that is so important to have with our hopes of being a one income family someday. What KPMG offers with help with preparing and taking the CPA exam is going to be so valuable in the coming months. Peter will be able to get the best education available to help him prepare for the exam and they will also pay for him to take the exam. One less thing for us to worry about.

Like I said, all of our nervousness and anxiousness has been overshadowed with a calmness about the decision we made and a sense of anticipation and excitement for what our future holds. Thanks for all the prayers sent our way in this decision. God has surely blessed us!