Thursday, November 29, 2007

Going through the motions..........

Life is just continuing on. There is nothing too exciting to report about but I figured we should update for the sake of updating. Peter is extremely busy right now. He only has two more weeks of classes left and he is on his final semester (yeah!!!!). He had a big final project in Cultural Anthropology that he completed today. He has been working so hard the last few days to get it all done and I am sure he is very relieved to be done with it and he can now relax for the rest of that class. It is amazing to think back to when this whole journey started. Time really has flown by since the beginning of college and so much of our lives have changed since then.

I have had quite a slow down at work this week. It has been a nice relief but next week we are back up to 11 hour days. It has really helped me feel productive and relaxed at home. It is so nice to have a few hours to relax in the evening instead of eat dinner and go to bed. I have been doing some scrap booking and I will hopefully be at a good stopping point with that shortly. We have a big table set up in the living room that I was scrap booking on and I had a goal of being caught up enough to take it down by the time the Christmas tree went. Needless to say it didn't happen. I have some Christmas projects that I want to start working on so I really need to get it all caught up.

hmmm, in other news - we are looking forward to the civil war this week!!! Go Beavers!!! I think we have a great shot of winning, but you never know with the civil war.

I imagine we will probably go to a movie tomorrow night. Last weekend we went and saw August Rush. It was a very good movie and I recommend it. This weekend we may either go see Enchanted or This Christmas.

Okay this was long enough and boring enough but I really don't have anything exciting to report for now. Peter has been very busy with finishing up school and that is about it!!!