Friday, November 9, 2007

They are all done!!!

The interview process has officially ended. I think we are both relieved to have it over with but still are kind of nervous or held back for now. I think we will finally be able to relax once the decision has been made and the offer has been signed. It is close, the offer has all but been signed. We both clearly know where the place for Peter to work is. It is kind of weird, we have had this "feeling" all along and as the process is now done and over we still feel completely like that firm is the place for him to work. If you haven't guessed already - it seems unless something drastic happens in the next few days that Peter will be accepting the offer from AKT!!! KPMG does have a lot to offer education wise and it has been a difficult choice to make but I think the last few days have confirmed that it is not the place for Peter.

Let me tell you all about our trip up to Portland. Peter had to be checked into the hotel around 3 so he could be to KPMG by 4. We get on our way and are doing great time wise until we hit downtown Portland. With all of the construction and dumb people everywhere it was extremely hard to find the hotel. After circling the block, we find the hotel and we are supposed to valet park the car. The valet was all backed up and with construction directly across the street from the hotel and one lane of traffic there was no where for us to leave the car. So we go around the corner and just have to settle for a parking spot we have to try to cram all of our stuff in our hands to carry to the hotel, pay the meter (with the little bit of change we had on us) and hustle because Peter was supposed to meeting a girl from fox to walk down to KPMG at 3:30. It was after 3:30. We get up to the hotel room, and the keys don't work. Peter goes down to the lobby to fix that while I look down at the piece of paper they scribbled our room number on - that looked like a 409 was probably a 404. So here I am, standing in front of someone else's room with all of our stuff sitting right in front of there door. Peter comes back up, he drops our stuff and is out the door because the girl was down in the lobby waiting for him and he still had to get the car moved.

Great first impression of working in downtown Portland :)

Well Peter went to his night activities at KPMG. They did some activities and such (I am not really sure what they did - it can be difficult getting information out of men sometimes) and then went to a fancy Italian dinner. Anyone who knows Peter, knows that fancy isn't really for him. Out of this whole event, Peter was most nervous about ordering dinner :) I really don't think he enjoyed the food very much but it sounds like they had a decent time at dinner. What did I do with my night? Well, I watched the CMA awards which was nice and I took a warm jacuzzi tub bath and read Every Woman's Marriage (good book). My night was nice. Peter finally came back around 9:30 and he watched the rest of the CMA's with me.

The next morning he had to be up and gone by 8. He had three interviews and an office tour. He feels everything went pretty well. He went out to a fancy breakfast with them and I don't think he was to impressed with it either.

So in the end he learned a lot about KPMG. They are a great company and would be perfect for a lot of people, but it just doesn't feel right. Yes, we could definitely make it work and it wouldn't by any means be a "bad" place to work. We both feel so much better about AKT then KPMG though.

We were talking on the way home yesterday about how some of the people at KPMG who were interviewing or considering KPMG were - stuck up or felt they were better then other people. KPMG is a big firm, to an extent it is a company that you have to jump over your friends to reach the higher positions. Peter wants to work for a company where his co-workers are his friends, not his opponents. A place where you aren't always stressed out about your job. Somewhere that he can have a family life and enjoy his work life. I think we know where he can have all of this. Yes, there are some bad things about AKT too, but overall it fits much better for us.