Monday, October 29, 2007

A sigh of relief!!!

After a maddening week last week this is just what we needed. Before I get ahead of myself I have a little bit of time to explain just what was going on last week and how things are going now!!! (The good part is at the end, so stick with the reading until the end, don't cheat!!!)

Last week was the final week of first round interviews. Peter was getting some responses from the firms he had interviewed with the week before and unfortunately was not getting the responses we wanted. He got three rejection letters in a row and while these were not the firms that were really important to Peter, it was worrisome and frustrating. Sitting here as his wife I began to wonder just what in the world were these people thinking! Peter is perfect and would be amazing for anybody to have work for them - why didn't they want him??? I kind of became angry and offended that they did not want my husband to work for them!!! So the three rejections came and we both began to wonder if the two remaining firms would respond the same way as the other three. It was scary to think about the possibility that maybe God didn't want us to stay local and maybe we would have to move to find a job. We began to really wonder what God had in store for us. I remember laying in bed Thursday night thinking about the two remaining firms that we hadn't heard from yet. We were both dying to just hear something from them. So I was praying - not so much praying as much as asking God why he couldn't just give us the answers we wanted. I heard God say "patience" ........................ and that was all he said.

Now all my life I have heard the saying, "never ask God for patience" - so I have never asked God for patience. Well, I came to the conclusion that God is in control and whether I liked it or not I was just going to have to wait for the answer. I was going to gain patience one way or another. So I fell asleep. I wasn't asleep long before the phone rang. It was pretty late and we both in a really groggy state kind of ignored the call. Well, they left a message and I groggily made Peter check the message. It was AKT and they said that they were very interested in Peter and wanted to make sure he didn't make any decisions before they were able to meet with him again!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! I think God knew we don't have a whole lot of patience and so he just had to make us wait a little bit longer then we were willing to try to help build that in us.

Last week was a horrible week. Between the stress of my job which I don't even want to get into to much and all of this job stuff I thought I would be bald by the end of the week. Last week was by far the worst week I have had at my job. I have taken on a lot of responsibility at work and it definitely adds to the stress I encounter. I believe God is constantly trying to build character in me and I don't think I am catching on fast enough!!!

Friday began with more good news. Peter had an interview with Moss Adams. That was just kind of the icing on the cake. We knew he had three second round interviews!!! Whew, big sigh of relief.

Well, we are to Monday; or through Monday I guess. Peter met with AKT today. I say "met" because it wasn't really an interview. It was much more like "meet the people you are going to work with" and "here's your offer"!!! Yes, you read that correct......

Peter got his first offer today!!!!

It was surprisingly better then we expected. It still has its pros and cons but we won't know for sure where the right place is until after the other two interviews; but all we feel right now is relief, joy, excitement!!!!

I am so incredibly proud of Peter - he has worked so hard for us to get to this point and I am thrilled that he has made it. Sure he still has six months of school, but this is it!!! He is an amazing man!!!