Saturday, October 20, 2007

Waiting is hard!

Still nothing much to report on the job front. First round interviews are officially all done and we continue to wait for word from anyone on if or when there will be a second round interview. We are enjoying the short break as the next phase of interviewing will be much more time consuming for Peter. Waiting is so much harder then the actual doing part of it all. Peter seems to have a clear favorite as far as where he feels he would like to work. It all could still change as job offers come and we find out just what the benefits are and such.

He has it pretty well narrowed down to which firms he would entertain an offer for and which ones he really doesn't care if he gets an offer from. We know KPMG is a possibility, they have a lot to offer as far as experience goes, but it is kind of floating around in what choice it would be. It is the only firm we have heard back from at this point to get a second round interview. It is probably number 3-4 on Peter's list right now. DWCC is right there with KPMG. This was the first firm that Peter thought about working for and he still likes it a lot so it is always a possibility. (He is supposed to hear back from DWCC by Monday). Geffen Mescher is #2 on Peter's list from what I have been able to get out of him. He has no idea if he will get a second round interview with them, but if he does they would be a real possibility. (He thought he would have heard back from them by now.) In the #1 spot for now is AKT. We both have a feeling that this could be the place for him. We have no idea if he will be interviewing again with them, but as far as our "feeling" goes this seems like the place. We are trusting God and know that if it isn't the place for Peter then he will pave the way into another firm. It is interesting how we both just have a feeling about this one.

We will see what happens. No real information to talk about. Granted, any firm Peter interviewed with could still be the place he chooses to work. There are so many unknowns right now that all we can do is wait and see what happens!!!