Wednesday, October 17, 2007

not much to report

It has been almost a week since the last update. I don't really have anything exciting to say. We have both been very busy lately, but not with anything really entertaining.

Peter is still waiting to hear from all the other firms he has interviewed with. He had an interview on Monday with Moss Adams that he thinks went very well. His interview with PWC on Tuesday went alright, but he didn't feel it went as well as some of the others. He only has two more first round interviews, both of which are tomorrow. It is crazy how quickly this has all happened and is now done. He is confirmed for a second round interview with KPMG in the beginning of November and that is the only progress he has made as far as second round interviews go.

He is so busy right now. I know that life is very stressful for him right now and he is handling it really well. He is very busy with school and homework and then throw in job interviews and a wife and trying to fit in work. We have been up and going since 4 this morning (like every other morning) but he won't be home until after 7 tonight and then he still has homework tonight. I feel really bad for him and I am really afraid he is going to wear himself down, but he can't compromise any of these areas so we are hoping it just goes by quickly and pray he doesn't get sick.

Last week was very nice at work for me. I didn't have to work any overtime and it has been a long time since that has happened. We are thankfully back to heavy overtime this week (11 hour days) . While I did enjoy the week break and getting to sleep in (crazy that 5 AM is sleeping in!!!) I was more then ready for some overtime on my paycheck!!! Work is still killing my back and the wrist pain is back with a vengeance for me. This weekend can't come soon enough for either one of us!!!

We are still making time to run in all of this madness. I am officially running more then I am walking which is a huge milestone for me :) As of lately Peter has been running along side me. He pushes me way harder then I want to be pushed but it is good. It is frustrating to come home and be exhausted and he hasn't even broken a sweat, but he is really supportive and that is always the best.

What else? The chins haven't been out in over a week and they have been pretty good about it. I have let them out now and they are running around like CRAZY!!! They are very entertaining!! I am thankful we have a pet that can be cooped up for a few days and not NEED to be out. They enjoy being out, but they don't have to be out.

This past weekend, in addition to watching Oregon State beat the #2 team in the nation, we went to see the movie "Why Did I Get Married?". That movie was hilarious - I loved it!!! I highly recommend it to everyone.

Well, that is all I really have to say for now. I will be sure to update if we get any job updates!!!