Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The First Interview

Peter had his first interview today. In his words it went "fine". The interviewer only ended up asking him 4 or 5 questions and Peter asked the rest. He is pretty confident that he did well and is hoping that he hears that he has another interview with this firm soon. He did like a lot about the firm that he heard about and so it sounds like it is a contender for him. We will wait and see what happens. We won't have too much time to think about this one as he will be interviewing again tomorrow morning. He also had one more interview scheduled for Monday of next week with Moss Adams. So far he has interviews scheduled for all but 2 of the firms he has applied with. Even those two have been in contact with him in ways that imply he will be interviewing with them so we will wait and see what happens.

In non-job news. We are just completely exhausted in life right now. We are so very busy right now that life is in some ways just a blur. We are trying to deal with life as it comes and are doing pretty well at it I think!!!