Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Peter has officially turned in all of his resumes and now we just wait. He has done a good job of following up with all of the companies and getting his name out there. It is exciting to have that part of the process all done as that was really a difficult part of it. The ball is pretty well in the accounting firm courts now and there isn't anything else for the most part that Peter can do and if all goes as well as we hope he should be getting some phone calls pretty soon. We will keep everybody updated as all of this happens. I think the waiting COULD be hard but we are both so busy right now that we don't have that much time to think about it. Peter is continuing on with his 29 credits this semester - the boy is nuts but seems to be doing pretty well. I have noticed more of an increase in homework so far this year, I don't know if that is really the truth or if I am just noticing and worrying about it more this year. He definitely has more group projects then ever before and that takes away our evening time together but we will get through this year. Sometimes we just have to count down the days and literally live life one day at a time. If we actually thought about what tomorrow or next week hold for us - I think we would go crazy.

Work is extremely busy right now and I know it won't slow down until the new year. It is both a blessing and a curse as the overtime really helps us out financially but my back is not too happy with 11 hour days. We are right at about a year since this whole mess with my back began and I think the overtime at this time of year is what really bothers it. I am contemplating which would be better financially for us. I can be put to sleep every 3-4 months as needed and get injections in my back for 250 dollars a pop, or I can try out acupuncture and that is about 45 dollars a week. The third option is do what I have been doing - ibuprofen, ice, stretching, topical meds - but I really don't see me doing that for much longer if the pain keeps up. So keep me in your thoughts ;)

They are discussing changing my hours at work. Right now I have been working 5 Am to 4:30 PM. Swing shift has had a huge amount of new employees in the department and I am the only floor person in my area that is "supposed" to be training. There are 5 people in the process of being trained on swing and either they are training each other or a unit specialist has been working with them. Since they are so overwhelmed I suggested that I could help if they would like. So they are discussing the possibility of me working half the day shift and half the swing shift OR working on swing shift for awhile. So we will see what becomes of all this talk. I wouldn't mind sleeping in a little later in the mornings, so I am hoping they allow me to work the split shift idea just for a change of pace for awhile.

That is all that is going on right now. Living day by day - waiting.......................