Friday, October 26, 2007

The Verdict!!!

So we are 50% for second round interviews. There are three firms that didn't want a second (pwc, dwcc, and Geffin Mescher.) On a more important note he has three firms that he is returning to. On Monday he has another interview with AKT. This firm has been his favorite choice at this point and they called really late one night last week to make sure that Peter hadn't made any decisions without talking to them first. They are very interested in him and really want to talk to him about a job. On Tuesday he has a second round interview with Moss Adams. It is actually going to be four interviews in one it sounds like. Then on the 7th and 8th he has a two day interview with KPMG. He is surprisingly thinking that KPMG may be the best place for him right now. They are big four and will be able to do a lot to help him get off on the right foot with education in the field. He has been talking with a distant relative of mine who works at that firm (yes, I have connections everywhere ;) and they have recommended to him to start at a big four if possible because you can always go to a smaller firm, but you can't go small and then go big. So right now it is going to be a very hard decision between AKT and KPMG if he gets offers from both firms.

I had a killer week with work this week. 11 hour days all week and then my half day today turned into an 8 hour day. Needless to say I am exhausted right now and have a short weekend before starting all over again on Monday. I have been experiencing a lot of shoulder pain this week which is a new thing for me. I have made a doctors appointment as it is hindering my ability to work and have let my bosses know that this is going on as it will be Workman's comp if anything is going on.

We are going to the Oregon State game tomorrow and that should be fun. Hopefully Sunday will be a nice day of recovery and rest for us before another busy and stressful week begins!!!


mandy said...

hello there, u two are so sweet!!!! ^^
I have a second round interview w/ Moss Adams tomorrow too, I was so nervous, any tips??????