Wednesday, October 3, 2007

God is faithful!!!

I have to share an experience we had today that made my jaw drop. It is amazing to see how faithful God is to provide for all of our needs!

We have been trying to pay for Peter's Chemeketa classes out of pocket (yes, Peter is also taking 3 online classes at Chemeketa this semester). Finances have been tight while trying to pay for all these classes, but we made it through and finally felt some relief about the next couple of weeks. Until last week.................. we discovered an unexpected expense that was quite a bit of money for us and we didn't really know how we were going to take care of it. We were pretty stressed out about it and worried all weekend about where we could cut costs further or take it out of savings possibly. We finally decided it would be easier to take out another school loan as opposed to stressing any further about finances. We really didn't want to do it, but we thought that was the best choice for us.

So we started the process of applying for another school loan. We got pre-approved and everything and were just waiting for it to go through the system. Part of the process is approval at GFU. Well, the loan got to George Fox and this is where it gets exciting for us. George Fox has decided that instead of making us take out another loan, they will give Peter another scholarship for the amount we requested!!! This should be enough money to cover the additional classes Peter will probably sign up for at Chemeketa in the next year. It is really amazing to us - this is free money!!! God gets all the glory in this. Here we are worrying and God knew what we needed and he provided!!! He is so good to us!!!

Thank you Lord for your faithfulness all the time!!! Now it is a weight off our shoulders!!!


Anonymous said...

That is amazing!! -Megan