Thursday, September 8, 2016

Foster Pups #10 and #11 - Pacific and Pepper

Leaving Saint was hard, but the best way to get through the initial sadness was to bring right back home two adorable and tiny puppies, Pepper and Pacific!

The kids made friends with them quickly!

I was pretty fond of them myself! 

We all had a fun time with these little pups and were thrilled to find out they quickly found their homes!  Now we wait for more puppy snuggles! 


S said...

Cute!! You have the right idea with the fostering. Puppies are so much work, but when you just have them for a few days or weeks, it seems more doable. :-)

I may have to see if my husband would be up for doing this, once our current dog passes on. (He is a 12-year-old golden retriever with multiple health problems, so it wouldn't be fair to him for us to foster puppies now.)