Thursday, September 22, 2016

Family Pictures 2016

Whenever finds herself in town, we try to schedule a family photo session with her. She is so talented and always does a great job of capturing each of the kids personalities. She outdid herself this time and the kids were actually cooperative for a change and we were able to capture some special images of our family these days!

I am so thankful for each and every one of our kids and it makes me think of their unique stories that brought them into my life!  They are a blessing and are all so breathtakingly beautiful to this mama! 

I look at each one we have been entrusted with and sit in awe. They are beautiful, unique, but perfectly placed into our family for a purpose.  The relationships I see developing between all of them blesses me dearly. They are all so close to each other and look out for each other and I couldn't ask for anything more. We were blessed hard and fast with these kids and while at times it is overwhelming I could not have asked for a better story to be written for our family. 

We'll start with the leader of the family!  The best big brother a family could ever ask for! He's the most caring child I have ever met! Full of leadership potential and the brains to tell me that he can go places in life.  I will never forget spending time praying over this child's name, because we knew it needed purpose and coming upon - Malachi, "Messenger of God" and knowing without a doubt that was to be his name.  Not only is he ridiculously handsome, but his heart is pure gold.   

Elias, our second born.  He might come off a little more shy or reserved but there's a lot going on in that head of his.  He is determined, athletic, and smart.  Takes so much after his father that I just have to shake my head. Can melt his mama's heart with a glimpse of his sly grin.  He's the tenderhearted one, who thinks and worries and is full of empathy, even if he puts on a tough front.  You may have to try harder to get under the hard surface with him, but with one on one time and effort you can see the amazing little boy that he is.  He's a genuinely good kid! 

Sabrina, our beautiful little girl.  The perfect amount of sweetness to where she melts us all into a million pieces, combined with a little bit of spice that keeps things interesting.  A wonderful sense of humor that always keeps a smile on our faces.  She can use and abuse the system just as any baby girl should be able to do.  Loves all things pink and girly but don't be deceived, because she's tough and can hold her own in her big brothers world. 

And then there is our baby!  The first word that comes to mind with her is strong. She was born a fighter.  She is small, but she is mighty.  Her beautiful eyes just capture you.  She's determined and feisty but I love her for it!  It has helped her get to where she has gotten and I know it will continue to benefit her in life. A strong woman is something to be proud of.  She's silly and happy and loves to entertain everyone she meets.  She brings us happiness! 

Sisters are a wonderful gift, and I can say that as the youngest sibling after 3 older brothers.  It is something I never personally got to experience but I know has great value.  I am thankful my daughters have each other!  As LB gets older, I see their bond starting to grow. I see big sister starting to watch out for little sister.  I see many days of sister playtime and sister fights but a bond that will last forever between them!  I always pictured myself a "boy mom" but I have to say, being a mom to little girls is a wonderful and fun gift!  

And then there are my boys. The two little men who stole my heart first!  Just 9 months separating them and a bond of brotherhood from the moment they met!  Theirs is a special relationship. It has been amazing to watch them grow up together and their bond just grows closer and closer as each day passes. I didn't understand what God was doing all those years back, but wow, his plans were far greater than mine!  

And then there is my husband. I won't lie and say all has been smooth sailing as of late, but we still stand side by side through it all.  10 years of marriage behind us and hopefully many more decades before. He is a good man!  He models true manhood for my sons and has set the bar high for my daughters suitors. He loves them well and he stands patiently with me through thick and thin.   

Our days aren't always easy. I lose my patience, the kids talk back and protest, our days are usually too rushed to see the joy in the simple things. There are more days than not. that I am just exhausted and counting down to bedtime.  But I can promise there is lots of love. I don't have this whole parenting or marriage thing figured out by any means but my family is so forgiving with me and love always wins! 

Not only were we blessed to get our own family pictures, but the whole Keyser clan got pictures taken too. I and my children are blessed with two amazing families.  I am grateful for how I have been accepted into the Keyser family with open arms.  My kids have multiple grandparents and great grandparents who love them deeply and that is a true gift!  They are spoiled rotten but that's okay. They know they are loved by a big ole family and that's all that matters. 

Yes, this post may have gotten a bit mushy, but that's the joy of taking pictures and remembering the memories.  These days are passing so quickly and the kids keep growing. This is just a moment in time before the calendar keeps rushing onward. I don't want to blink and miss this time in our lives.  It really is a beautiful life! 


S said...

These turned out great! You have a beautiful family. :-)