Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Foster Pups #12 and #13 - Jack and Jose

We had a quick little foster placement this week with a group of very scared spaniel puppies named Jack and Jose. They were actually a litter of 5 and I think they were quite a bit older than the rescue was told they would be.

I knew from the get-go that I wanted to keep a close eye on them because they were leery of the kids so I did not allow the pups out of their kennel around the kids.  They did okay with me and they were a little scared of Peter but were willing to sniff him.  Then it happened, when I went upstairs to get a shower (the kids were in bed so we were giving the pups some playtime)  and Peter tried to pick up one of them and got bit pretty aggressively. Fortunately the bites aren't too bad and they are healing quickly.  

I immediately let the rescue know and they took it serious and wanted the pups back.  I was okay with this as the safety of the kids always is my top priority when we are bringing puppies into our home.  These poor little guys were just so fearful and needed a home without kids to continue to make some progress. But they did great with me and I've heard they are doing wonderful making progress with the shelter so hopefully they will be ready for good homes soon!